Therapeutic Bodywork
Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Paul Norden, LMT, NCTMB

During our first session we'll begin by discussing where you feel pain or tightness, and under what conditions. I may examine your posture to look for factors contributing to restriction and pain. The exam can show signs of non-symmetry in the posture, indicating where restriction may be located and how mobility and balance may be affected.

We'll discuss a self care plan to continue progress between sessions. In some cases I may suggest a mind/body awareness method to help increase mindfulness and awareness. By enhancing awareness of our body in the present moment, we can begin to notice factors contributing to the causes of pain, such as habits that were otherwise unconscious before.

I may recommend stretching or yoga positions, as well as the use of body rollers or fitballs. If needed, I may also suggest posture control insoles (PCIs) for your shoes to help correct foot/ankle postural conditions.

It's common to notice a dramatic difference after the first session.

Paul is available for phone consultation. Call 773.294.6510