Therapeutic Bodywork
Mind/Body Awarness and Integration

Paul Norden, LMT, NCTMB

Developing mind/body awareness allows us to become aware of what's going on in the present moment, both in our body and in the environment around us. Mind/body awareness and integration practices are a way to familiarize ourself with being in the present moment through the use of an awareness enhancement method to gradually become familiar with recognizing, avoiding and letting go of factors contributing to our pain, such as habits we're unconscious of.

Many of us unknowingly hold tension in our bodies, and this is one of the most common contributing causes of muscular tightness and restriction that I see in clients today. Developing a grounded, calm, spacious and alert awareness of being in the present moment is practical, because once we do, it can always be there to serve us, just like riding a bicycle. It also will help us to stay calm and ‘come back home’ in challenging and chaotic situations, and we can always use an ally like that!

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Published Resources

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Meditation Instruction in Chicago

Tergar Meditation Community Chicago
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