HPV and Cervical Dysplasia Patient Reviews

by CDander2:

Finding Dr. Nick LeRoy was a blessing. I came across his website after a being frightened by my physician with the demand that I have surgery to remove the atypical cells that had formed on my cervix.

I am a 25 year-old healthy female with a history of irregular menstrual cycles. When I had them they would be extremely heavy and painful, but other times I would go months without having them at all. I went to multiple doctors to figure out what caused this irregularity and how it could be fixed. A few doctors suggested that I take oral birth control to regulate my cycle. In October I had a regular PAP test and began birth control shortly after. My cycles were normal again, however when I went for my follow up PAP in March my physician told me that I had atypical cells and needed to do a biopsy. The results of the biopsy showed that I developed “mild” cervical dysplasia. I asked what I needed to do to remedy this, but he assured me that as long as I wasn’t a smoker that it would clear up on its own and that there was nothing to worry about. I asked if the birth control had anything to do with it, he said no and again I was reassured that the body’s immune system would clear it up on its own. I was told to follow up in a couple of months for another biopsy and colposcopy. When I returned in May the doctor still saw atypical cells and sent a sample to the lab for further analysis. A few days later I received a phone call for my doctor saying that my “mild” dysplasia had progressed to the next stage of “moderate” and that the next step was for me to have medical procedure were they take scalpel to scrape the abnormal cells off of my cervic—both his bedside manners and phone are not comforting. From my research on this I found that there was no guarantee that the dysplasia would not come back, and that multiple rounds of this procedure could lead to later fertility complications.

My partner saw that I was terrified, began researching alternative treatments and came across the ICPH. On the website, Dr. Nick had a successful case study procedure that he performed that cleared up Cervical Dysplasia. In June 2011, I called Dr. Nick, explained to him my issue made an appointment. From the 1st phone conversation he was very attentive and reassuring that there was an alternative way to cure the dysplasia. A wk later I drove 2 hours to Chicago to meet with him. I asked many questions and the first piece of advice he gave was to STOP taking the oral birth-control because it is known that the synthetic hormones interferes with a woman’s natural biology.

I began treatment that day. The first thing that Dr. Nick did that made me tell that he at ease was give me a mirror and let me look at my cervix so that I could see what it what the abnormal cells looked like—my previous doctor never even showed me a clear enough picture, let alone let me see it in the flesh. The procedure took about 20 minutes and consisted of him putting a solution directly onto my cervix and placing in vaginal suppository that I kept in for 24 hours. It wasn’t painful at all. He could not guarantee how many treatments it would take, noting that woman responds differently. However, he did take into consideration that I drove 4 hours round-trip to get there and scheduled me about every 10 days to come in and get the same treatment. He also changed up my diet, adding more leafy green veggies, less meat and adding a regular vitamin regimen to my day.

Within 12 visits, everything had cleared up (trust me, she always gave me the mirror so that I could see the progress). I went back to my previous physician, got another PAP and everything came back regular.

Dr. Nick was great to work with, and I tell everyone about him. I appreciate his natural health and wellness approach, and I really did feel safe allowing him treat me. If I ever have any more issues, I would never hesitate to jump on the highway and make that 4 hour trip for a doctor that I trust.

by mfoley:

I found Dr. LeRoy on the internet after finding out that my cervical dysplasia went from mild/low grade to moderate/high grade. I didn't want a LEEP so I sought out Dr. LeRoy. From the moment I met Dr. LeRoy, I found him to be very friendly with an upbeat personality and he made me feel at ease when he told me he could treat my dysplasia with very good results. While my regular gyno instilled fear in me with the LEEP and the possibility of my dysplasia coming back, Dr. LeRoy made my fears go away and told me that it could be eliminated. Dr. LeRoy answered my many questions (and I had a lot of them) and I actually felt like he cared about me. He even let me see what the dysplasia looked like with a mirror, and took pictures with each treatment to see the dysplasia regressing, and finally gone. I would highly recommend Dr. LeRoy to anyone seeking alternative treatments for cervical dysplasia, or other ailments you may have.

by rdavis:

If you suffer from cervical dysplasia please go see Dr. Leroy! I am very thankful to have met him! He is great at what he does and is very knowledgable. I always felt very comfortable around him and he really listens. I suffered from cervical dysplasia for 5 years. Nothing seemed to work! I went to four different gynecologists, had one LEEP and four colposcopies. Still had dysplasia. After much stress and anxiety I found Dr. Leroy's website, http://www.drnick.net/ and made an appointment. His office is laid back and I never had to wait to be seen. Dr. Leroy did 7 treatments on my cervix which took about a month and a half (saw him once or twice a week for the treatment). After a few months of taking his recommended supplements I did a repeat pap and it was NORMAL!!! After 5 years I finally have normal pap results. Such a great feeling!! You can read about the treatment on his website. Thank you, thank you! I wish I knew about this treatment 5 years ago!!