Patient Testimonials:

by crmelnick:

It is my pleasure to write a review and highest recommendation for Dr. Nicholas LeRoy. I have been a patient of Dr. LeRoy’s since March 2003. At the time I had gained 15 pounds during menopause,which was excessive for my small frame. In addition, I was depleted physically after taking care of my dying mother, and then starting a new position at my university. Dr. LeRoy put me on a 30 day detox, weekly and then biweekly acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, and I returned to eating healthy, nutritious homemade meals, and an exercise routine (Pilates, yoga and weights). By the end of the year, I had lost all my menopause weight, and returned to optimal health.

By finding Dr. LeRoy and his Illinois Center for Progressive Health, I discovered that he is a specialist in women’s health and wellness, primarily Breast Thermography. Dr. LeRoy is a leading expert in the administration of breast thermograms and diagnostic interpretation of this test. Annually, I get a thermogram and pap test during my birthday month. After years of pap tests from a gynecologist, I want women to know that Dr. LeRoy is the only doctor who has performed such an exam pain free. He also has that special touch in drawing blood without discomfort—another plus in my book.

I appreciate that in this age of HMOs and PPOs where doctors see patients for a quick 15 minutes, Dr. LeRoy carefully listens to and gets to know his patients as a whole person. Because I see Dr. LeRoy on a regular basis for acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments as part of my overall wellness plan, he knows “me.” That is so valuable to me as a patient. He takes the time to know about my health, interests, concerns, and experiences—a truly holistic view. And I have gotten to know Dr. LeRoy through our discussions on health, medical research and more. Dr. LeRoy is a consummate professional who is knowledgeable about recent research in so many areas of medicine. He himself lives a healthy lifestyle in terms of food and exercise, something I also look for in a doctor.

In summary, Dr. LeRoy and I are partners in my health. I trust him. While my experience is with women’s health and well-being, I know that Dr. LeRoy provides his expertise in many other areas for women and men. He is a caring doctor with the utmost integrity who helps me live an optimally healthy life.

by health calling:

Must see!. I was referred to Dr. LeRoy from a friend who has been a long time patient of his. I was seeking a physician who specialized in diet and nutrition and heard Dr. LeRoy is an expert in the field.During my consultation I was taken back by the doctor’s genuine interest in optimizing patient’s health. More so than not it’s common to go to a doctor’s office and feel like a case number being treated versus being a patient. It was a humanizing experience finally seeing a doctor who talks to you on a personable level that is professional and the same time not robotic with a one size fits all type treatment plan. I was impressed by the amount of time Dr. LeRoy spent with me personalizing a program. He not only emphasized on things I was concerned with as my diet, but made further recommendations in addition as stress components, exercise regimen, immune system function, herbal medicine and supplements. Dr. Leroy’s knowledge and approach to medicine is remarkable. I’m in the best shape of my life because of his practice and care. I don’t just highly recommend Dr. LeRoy; I recommend seeing him only.

by Miz Ton:

One of the Best Physicians in Chicago. While I lived in Chicago I had seen Dr. LeRoy for various issues and only wish I can find someone of his experience and medical knowledge in Phoenix. I have been his patient for over 10 years and hehas helped me when other conventional doctors couldn't...from treating my fibromyalgia to helping with my food allergies (resulting in a 60 lb weight loss) to acupuncture/chiropractic care to routine female health care.

He is professional, personable and takes his time getting to know his patients by asking questions relevant to your care. You don't feel rushed like at most doctors' offices and you leave confident that you are on the path to better health and knowing you have found a doctor that truly cares about his patients.

Knowing how important breast health is to every woman, his knowledge of and experience with breast thermography gives me piece of mind. i have yet to find another doctor who offers this.

I have highly recommended Dr. LeRoy to numerous friends and family members, all who have positive experiences and rave reviews of him. Every time I visit Chicago (once or twice a year) I make it a point to see Dr. LeRoy, and if I were still living there I wouldn't bother seeing anyone else.

by taygovia:

Dr. LeRoy is a blessing!!!!. I am so grateful that I found Dr. LeRoy to help me heal from the awful experience I had at Northwestern Hospital. I am a breast cancer survivor and had a mastectomy, chemo therapy, radiation, latissimus flap, and multiple unnecessary surgeries to correct the plastic surgery. After years of feeling like a lab rat I lost motivation to exercise and began gaining weight quickly. I didn't have any energy and found myself in this horrible cycle of drinking a lot of coffee to get me through the day and going straight to bed right after work. My mother recommended Dr. LeRoy to help get me back on track and he did exactly that! In just two months, he helped me lose 10 pounds with an easy to follow diet plan, exercise routine, and supplements. I am also managing my stress levels with acupuncture, adjustments and massages once a week. I now have amazing energy and my body feels normal again. I HIGHLY recommend seeing him to get to the root of your health problems in a holistic way. From breast thermography to pelvic exam to nutrition and stress managment, Dr. LeRoy has been professional, treated me like a human being and empowered me to take charge of my health! Thank you Dr. LeRoy, you are such a blessing!