Initial Appointment:

Dr. LeRoy will spend about an hour with you and cover the following:

  • review history and lab testsExplanation by Dr. Nick

  • discuss treatment

  • perform first escharotic application taking before and after images

  • discussion of treatment images

  • outline treatment plan that includes diet and supplement regimen

Cost of Initial Appointment: $215

Follow-up Appointments:

All subsequent treatments consist of the application of the escharotic with before and after images and discussion. These visits take about 15 minutes. Images will be sent to your e-mail, if requested, so that you can track your progress.

Cost of Follow-up Appointment: $85

Frequency of Treatment:

For local patients treatment is typically performed once per week. For patients traveling to Chicago, Dr. LeRoy recommends two treatments in a row (e.g. Friday/Saturday) performed 1-2 times per month. This is more cost-effective than having to fly or drive in for each treatment.

Duration of Treatment:

The total number of treatments necessary to eliminate cervical dysplasia and/or HPV varies, but it is 6-10 escharotic applications on average. About 10% of the time, with difficult cases, it can take as many as 15-20 treatments. Whatever the number, treatment is continued until it appears that all abnormal cells have been eliminated, and then a pap or colposcopy is performed in 4 weeks. This follow-up pap or colpo can be done with your local doctor.

Is the Treatment Painful?

The escharotic solution that is used for treatment is caustic to abnormal cells; in fact, the very purpose is for this solution to kill dysplastic and HPV-infected cells. Fortunately, it accomplishes this with little or no effect on healthy tissue. About 40% of women will experience some cramping with the treatment that lasts from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. This discomfort, if it occurs, can be managed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and has never been severe to the point of discontinuing treatment.

Does the Treatment Cause Scarring?

Absolutely not. In fact, never. This concern is so far from reality that it is addressed separately with the escharotic info page (look at bottom of page).

For Women Flying to Chicago:

There are two airports in Chicago that are about the same distance from our office, Midway and O'hare. Both have trains that will bring you right to our front door, although you'll want to transfer to the Green Line in downtown Chicago for the last leg of the trip. From Chicago O'hare take the Blue Line to 1002 W. Lake St. (the office); and take the Orange Line to 1002 W. Lake St. if you are arriving at Midway.

Dr. LeRoy is usually available every day of the week (yes, that includes Sunday) for women seeking HPV treatment. We suggest that you first call and confirm that Dr. LeRoy is available on your desired dates, then book your airline tickets; we can then schedule the specific times based upon your flight schedule.

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